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Hi there!

We have not met for a long time, has anyone missed me yet?XDDD

A news is that I began to shoot non cosplay photos this year, including creative portraits, wedding photos, beauty shots and so on.

Photography is still my part time job right now, I also got to manage a studio BREADTREE PHOTO when I finish my daily work.

That's why I'm almost vanished from DA, hope you guys don't mind.  I miss a lot of friends here and I hope to meet you someday.

It's not a joke.

I'm starting a program of traveling photoshoot.

I got this idea when I went to the northwest with my friend karas. We took many pictures, not just beautiful but also documentary. And I can't forget the feeling of on the road.

6597426008423413116 by hybridre

The lake is very slippery, you must be careful to step on it.

6597489780097824262 by hybridre

what she leans to is an icy waterfall, can't believe I've been to places like that  :D

From freezing winter to sunny summer, I took another set of photos as follow

2290080410617957256 by hybridre

We went to the youngest vocalno island in China

E61211fdjw1e9oknnqa32j20q44ebb29 by hybridre

It was really fun when we drove a motobike along the seaside and took snaps to memorize those moments.

I really enjoy a journey with new friends and laughs and beautiful photos, 

So our next stop is Hongkong.

During 19th-22th December, I'll be in Hongkong, dying to take some interesting photos with local people or who happen to stay at the same time. Creative or documentary will both be okay for me. The time is limited so cosplay is not considered this time, sorry :(

I'm open minded, being prepared to crazy ideas. I speak Madarine, English and not very good Cantonese.

Please!!!!!!!!!Leave me a note if you're interested!!!! 

Love you all.
Hi, I've just updated some series of my cosplay photos recently on my blog, here is the list for you to look it up easily:

Howl's moving…

Kimi ni todoke(summer)…

Kimi ni todoke(winter)…

Mawaru Penguindrum(Kanba&Himari)…

Pop'n music(edda&nanashi)…

Axis Power Hetalia(cold war):…

Thank you for watching =3=
I've been a Deviant for 4 years, with 1273 deviations in total. There is no other art website that I love than it.

Not only for the talented creations here, but also for the lovely friends who ever give advice and critique to me in the past 4 years. My English is not good enough to express my feelings, time is also limited to reply every comments in a proper way. Many times I got stuck or lose confidence during the shoots, and actually I'm not satisfied with most photos posted here, but there are always cheerful words like "keep on your work" or "awesome gallery" appear on my DA wall. I feel extremely flattered, at the same time, I started to worry what if I fail to wow you guys next time? It must be a disappointment.

It's like stress, but not very harsh. I'd like to make progress and share with you, it's just, I'm occupied by my work, I have to give up something.

It does not mean that I will stop taking photos.

I selected around 71 sets of my cosplay photoshoots and have them posted here:
Right blog is an old thing, however it's good to present a series of photos instead of one or two shots. You can find the whole set of photos taken in recent years, a hint is to hit つづきはこちら on the bottom of every journal to view the full version :) If you want to follow the updates of my photos, a suggestion is to put the site into your RSS reader. On the top right side is the category, I proudly recommend Vocaloid and Mawaru Penguindrum(輪るピングドラム), the most important anime of last year to me :D Sorry the site is basically Chinese or Japanese though.

Hope you have fun!(run away


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 13, 2011, 2:37 AM
Highly recommended cosplay pv from :icon35ryo: agian~!

Melt Down is one of my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav songs of Vocaloid, and it needs great talent and patience to be finished since it's full of obscure consciousness. I'm so happy to see they make the song into an impressive PV!

MELTDOWN [炉心融解 镜音リン] (オリジナル&Hard-R.K.mix)
:iconfymerry: and 米花熊 as Rin
camera and edit :icon35ryo:

watch the preview pv on youtube now>>…

the full version is concluded in their cosplay DVD ROM to be sold so we may not see it online for free...

OK,another version of Bunny's gift...

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 20, 2011, 9:34 PM

hope you enjoy~

Postcards and films

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 3, 2011, 9:51 PM
I just received a lomography camera last week and i thought, why not take some cosplay photos with it? and I  tried, and now I got the films delivered into photos XDD
well actually I didn't use it to take serious photos instead just some behind the scenes shots and random ones... however I love the flash effect and strong contrast brought out, and wanna share those to you all *^^*

:iconastellecia: why both of us shut our eyes down when taking the picture orz

and those two below are my favs!!! concluded in personal collection absolutely!

totally needless of photoshop~


Also, I made some postcards from my recent works, please note me your address if you want one, it's all free~(ten patterns overall, i'll pick one of the photo randomly to send to you :)

and i decide to print more, tell me which photos you think deserved to be printed ><


Journal Entry: Sat Jul 30, 2011, 9:19 PM

words cannot express my joy and excitement to finish E7 shoot yesterday!!!
E7 is definitely one of my top favs which earns my tears so many times and needless to say i did it with three of my good friends :iconkotanimomo: :iconsakina666: and :iconphoenixiaoio:  all of you are aaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome!

i still dont have the time to look out the photos but the progress was really comfortable and nice with our great foto 双二, i guess i will be addicted to the photos for a long time ....

okay there is another shoot today, need to do preparation now, see you!


Journal Entry: Mon Jun 13, 2011, 7:30 PM
I found a must-see ZONE-00 cosplay this morning and can't wait to share with you guys~

one of my fav indoor shoots ever! and I love those props and fireworks!

the work is done by :iconichinosehikaru: , :iconyosamabehere: and 新弥 and unknown photographer who I couldn't give credits.

here is the link:

My tumblr

Journal Entry: Tue May 24, 2011, 8:52 AM
hello people, finally I launch a tumblr page:
I'll upload the complete series in the future and non-cosplay photos as well, welcome to follow me *^3^*
Still a newbie there, could you leave your ID if you also got one?

Will you join WCS's online recruit

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 16, 2011, 7:58 PM
WCS builds a website to encourage cosplayers around the world to submit cosplay photos to pray for japan. And the cosplayer must hold a piece of paper with the pattern of Japanese flag.

I'm curious that if we cannot donate food or money, would photo really work for japanese to spirit up?

here is the web:…

you may see some of my thoughts below in my replies, but i prefer to stay neutral at first to know your genuine ideas about it.

btw, pity that i found rare social media element in it, just a "twitter" on the page.

and this is just another poster greatly designed to express hope for japan.…

I want to recommend a cosplay PV made by my friend :icon35ryo: who also cosplay Kenshin in this pv.
based on Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen (るろうに剣心追忆篇), it's a trailer only, i'm deeply impressed by their effort to rebuild the scenes of the movie, their passion to finish the shoot under such freezing environment, so I really wanna show it to you all~hope you enjoy!


movie edited by 35ryo

Hiruma Kenshin/劍心: 35ryo
Yukishiro Tomoe/雪代巴: Tomoguigui

make up:燃烧的CP君
【Quick intro】
Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging site, similar to twitter,in our language we call it weibo rather than microblog. Weibo succeeds the overall functions of twitter while attaches some awesome new features, e.g. pictures/video shared, to fit in local users' customs.

So what does weibo offer to deviants????


there are 65 millions users in weibo and many of them are cosplayers and photographers!~
the number of chineses cosers is beyond imagine and now you can find new cosplay photos on weibo everyday!
like this…
or this…

also, it's a good place to display your works to chinese fans, :iconkirawinter: :icongreen-makakas: :iconshiroin: :iconshiroang: and some of who you've been familiar with, have their weibo and thousands of fans already.
Chinese fans are very enthusiastic, trust me!


it's a small world on the internet, when you post a weibo/tweet "foward" by hundreds of users, can you see how many new friends are there?
we dont have to click on every person's page to know what happens to them everyday, just open your home page on weibo, and all their info will jump out by timeline, go ahead to say hello or leave comments!


weibo has become the source of news since everyone could be the reporter!
when there is no news, well, so many fun stuffs to refuel and relax yourself!

Emotive yaoi pictures(yes!):…

【How to Register?】
->invitation link:
first line: ID
second: passwod
third: repeat password
last: PIN

click on register 立即注册, and you're done!

hope you guys have fun!

everyone who already has weibo account leave their username below, plz!

mine: @红少爷
Let's have a small survey about groups, just write down three groups that you want to recommend and the reasons,any kind of group worthy watching in your opinion, not just cosplay.

I'll do a review based on you guys recommendation.

Thank you in advance~!

Okay, here I'll do a sample:

:iconchinacosplay:  it owns the best collection of chinese cosplayers at DA
:iconcosplay-gen:  somehow it just has the highest quality cosplay photos, and the magazine itself is quite well edited!~

:iconlingforemperor: the group is operating elaborately by its founders
Stand up to applaud for :icon4j4j4j: who just came to DA!!

We worked together since 2008, from photographer partners to our trustworthy photographers when i do cosplay myself. Though we have totally different styles of photography, the unspoken consensus between us is like chemistry, which always adds something surprised to the photos. Being unexpected is being interesting~

Though there are just few works in his gallery, well, there're a lot in mine =w=
(he was credited as 四季 by me before)

such as:

which was of great fun

DRRR (…)
we took like 4-5 shoots to complete the whole cosplay, most of which were at night, and he always tried to meet our needs as much as possible. With his great skills of lighting, composition, the photos turned to be full of motion and vivid.

And many other his photos could be seen in :iconkotanimomo: and :iconbai917:'s gallery, hmmmmmmmm, does he seems more familiar to you now?

He has been lazy to register for a long time, but finally he is here now, go ahead to watch him and be a fan XD~
My name is Franseca, just call me F if you like. The cosplay photos uploaded here are mainly taken by me, or sometimes I will be the layer~ Please do not use those photos without permission.

Here is part of our awesome group, go and visit their pages for more photos~
:iconatomzi:  :iconkotanimomo:  :iconphoenixiaoio:  :iconsmallw:

or you can visit my personal blog for other info: &nb… Renaissance) written in Chinese

Plus, your favs and watchs are the biggest support to our passion and the comments about photos are deeply welcome as always!